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Tower of the Rising Sun

As the remains of Dun Barethsol come into view, Marcella's next task becomes apparent: Find a way to enter the Tower. If Marcella has already spoken to Kidalethil, she may have some clues about where to begin and already knows what she may find.

The ancient Tower of Guard is in ruin. There are hints that some have tried to rebuild it over the years, but these forgotten attempts have almost all fallen down again. The Tower that remains is a three-dimensional maze of shattered buildings, partial catwalks, caved-in floors and ceilings, etc. Once she enters the Tower, she must find the Master, the dragon, or both, and decide their fates with hers.

The Tower of the Rising Sun is comprised of three sub-quests, all of which must be completed in order to complete this quest and end the game: