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Portrait Soko.png
Soko is a local hay farmer and a member of the Society of the Blade. He and Elgar Basil are engaged in a rivalry for dominance of the local membership of the Society of the Blade. Soko was involved in the conspiracy to murder Verith Kan, also known as Agdan. He imprisoned her under the floor of his barn in a hidden second cellar where she died of the poison that fellow Celandi had administered to her. By outward appearnce, Soko is a somewhat well-traveled hay farmer. In reality, he is also a smuggler, dealing in goods acquired from Aerengist and other northern cities but illegal in Cirdanth.

Soko's Farm

Soko's Farm consists of several buildings - His farmhouse, his stables, and his hay barn. The barn consists of a ground level, a hay loft, a cellar, and a hidden cellar.

He built his second cellar in defiance of Cirdan law. Law requires all cellars to have easily identified direct exits to the surface - rather than winding through tunnels or being hidden under floorboards. Inns are the only exception to this rule. The Hidden Cellar can be reached by pulling up the floor of the Barn in a certain place or by opening a hidden door in Soko's legal first cellar. The Hidden Cellar currently contains very little, except for the chest containing Agdan's belongings.


The Nightshade

The Praline Thief