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This is a minimalistic stub. Please expand accordingly.


The tools used to create content for that Adonthell engine are currently only available in source form via Git. You will need to pull the adonthell-tools repository. If you want to have some sample content also get wastesedge:

   $ git clone git://
   $ git clone git://

Also make sure you have installed the Adonthell Engine and any dependencies specifically required to build the tools.


In the adonthell-tools directory, run

   $ ./
   $ mkdir ../adonthell-tools-build && cd ../adonthell-build
   $ ../adonthell-tools/configure --prefix=/usr/local
   $ make

and optionally

   $ sudo make install

If you installed the adonthell engine into a custom location, it is recommended to pass that same location as --prefix, but unlike the engine it is not strictly required to install the tools to use them. However, you will get better integration with your desktop environment if you do (such as double-clicking a data file to open it with the appropriate tool).


The following tools are available right now:

Please refer to each tool to learn more about its purpose and usage. As a quick reference, the following commands will launch the tools from within the adonthell-tools-build directory, provided you have the wastesedge repository checked out next to it:

   $ src/mapedit/adonthell-mapedit -g ../ -p wastesedge
   $ src/modeller/adonthell-modeller -g ../ -p wastesedge
   $ src/dlgedit/adonthell-dlgedit -g ../ -p wastesedge