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This section covers the limited project management abilities of dlgedit, especially important when starting work on a new game.

The main reasons that make project management necessary at all are characters and quests. For one, it is possible to assign a line of dialogue to characters that differ from the owner of the dialogue. Second, custom Python code will often reference quest- or character specific variables. To allow that, it is vital that dlgedit has access to the quest- and character related portions of game data, namely and Those two files reside in the top-level directory of each game. Therefore, only existing games can be selected as projects. However, dialogues need not belong to any project unless they use above features.

Dlgedit settings.png

To assign a dialogue to a certain game/project, select the game in question from the Project drop-down in the Settings dialog. (Dialogue->Settings). That requires that your game data has already been copied into Adonthell’s default game directory.

If the game data resides in a location that differs from the default path, dlgedit can be given that alternative location via the -p command line switch.

To get some kind of order into the dialogue source files of different projects, you may specify a base directory for each project in the Settings dialog. This will then become the root under which dialogue sources belonging to that project will be saved. This will also become important in future versions of dlgedit, when using the sub-dialogue feature.

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