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Von: Andrew Michael Phillips Datum: Mittwoch, 22. September 2004, 23:23

> Kai, you mentioned that this was only a fragment. Can you outline > the larger story that you're trying to tell?

I'll try, but it is still evolving :-).

Tanath is posessed by the idea of discovering new land, but none of the ships in use in his days are really fit for travelling the open sea. Besides, there is the general belief that there is nothing to discover across the sea. (Whether there are more continents or not isn't even clear to me right now)

I imagine that Tanath grew up at the sea, probably even in that tower in the sea, (Dun Vanasol) so he'd be familiar with ships from his childhood. I imagine that in his days, most captains and sailors are Half-Elves, as commanding a boat would be too profane for any elf. Since boats have to keep close to the coast or just travel on rivers, there are hardly any navigational skills needed. So Tanath is quite the exception. OTOH, most seagoing ships in later days would be manned by Elves, as they would keep the principle of navigating by sun and stars their secret. Hence the nautical college in Cirdanth, which would be open to Elves only.

So Tanath not only discovered Adonthell, he also laid the foundation for 'modern' navigation.

So much for the background. Tanath's song will basically tell how he discovered Adonthell, with a little introduction to his person, of course. (Note that his name will not be mentioned, though, as it would be quite clear to most people about whom the song is).

After he finds nobody to construct the ship he needs, he falls into quite a depression and is about to end his life. (That's where the song currently ends). He's saved by some kind of miracle, either some kind of vision he has or a real event (not quite decided yet). As it turns out, there is a girl fallen in love with Tanath who convinces her father to build the ship for him. Once the ship is ready, they have to part however. Tanath is restless and always pulled toward the sea, but without much success in discovering anything (except knowledge about navigation).

So there is much unhappiness and in that state, his ship gets caught by a terrible storm. Again, Tanath is ready to give up his life, but some words from his love give him new hope and as the storm wears off, he finds himself near Adonthell. Having fulfilled his destiny, his yearn for travelling the ocean disappears. He fetches his 'family' to Adonthell and they live happily ever after.

So much for the overall story. Comments and ideas welcome.


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