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Waste's Edge starts out in the forest. You are travelling alone down what barely can be called a road to catch up with your mistress, Lady Silverhair. When you arrive at Waste's Edge you find that it has been locked down and a guard is keeping the main gate closed. You find that Lady Silverhair is accused of the theft. After you enter you find a collection of characters trapped inside. They are all suspects. Your job is to find the culprit and bring him to the guards so as to set your Lady free (because of course a high elvish noble like herself couldn't have stolen them.)

You begin to learn the details of the theft: Silverhair wanted to buy some precious jewels from a dwarf named Fingolson, they got in an argument about the price and quality, and later that night the stones went missing. Some characters point out unique details. The boy says that he heard a noise in the barn that night but no-one seems to believe him. A mercenary named Alek Endhelm points out that Erek, Fingolson's dwarf assistant, packed the bags before he went to sleep. Fingolson denies this and says he kept them to himself. Alek also asks why the thief hasn't left yet. There is a merchant who only claims that he is losing valuable time, but his room opens to a vine which leads down to the ground. Another peculiar notice is that there is a way into Silverhair's room through the barn and in through the window. She tells you she has some of her property in the locked pantry in the basement. The innkeeper and his wife give out some information about their guests. The guards are very useless and point to each other to explain what happened. There is a mad alchemist in his room who claims to know nothing and there is a crazed artist in the yard who talks only of Yetis.

The clues are all there, you are the one who must put them together and find the suspect.

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