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The Wyrm's Flight is the Final Scene, more or less. In it, Marcella speaks to the dragon that she has just freed or enslaved, telling it her wishes, unless of course Albrecht took control of the dragon before Marcella could. In this case, Marcella must defeat the dragon in order to survive, either by reasoning with it or by destroying it, and then death with Albrecht.

If Marcella is good and can talk the dragon into "hearing Ella's heart", she may succeed in turning it back to good. If she cannot turn the Dragon, she will have to defeat it and either turn it or kill it after she has subdued it.

If Marcella is evil, she can either kill the dragon or try to bargain with it by offering it a better life than what Albrecht could offer. If she cannot convince the young dragon to betray Albrecht, she will have to destroy it.