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The Redwyne Inn, run by Orloth and Lucia Redwyne, is the heart of Waste's Edge. Many of its citizens gather at the Inn for meals and celebrations. The Wyvern Guard is permanently garrisoned within its walls. When she is in the village, Lady Rhayne Frostbloom also has a reserved room just above the common room. Oliver, the Turvale children, and the venRhys children play in the yard and the hayloft.

There are a few rooms that are now visited only infrequently, including the room where Bjarn Fingolson once stayed. Alek Endhelm's room is now used as a storage space.

The tree in the courtyard has grown since the events surrounding the Lady Silverhair, perhaps under the influence of Talan Wendth's now steady and open singing. There is still a locked chest in the hayloft and a path between the hayloft and the room where Silverhair was detained by Jelom. If the player can get into Fingolson's old room, she may find that the old hiding place is still there.

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