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The settlement is small, but they have buried their dead with care. The clearing is filled with a neat arrangement of short stone columns. On closer inspection, the columns appear to be petrified stumps. Each stump bears two names - the name of the deceased person and the name of the person who ordered or funded the burial.

A tree stands at the center of the clearing. It still appears to be alive, though there is a large, south-facing hole in the trunk. It is large enough to allow a person to stand upright in it. It is an ancient oak and seems to watch over the grave as over its own seedlings.

Around the tree are four larger columns. They are referred to as Wind-posts or ancestral stones. The cemetery is designed so that the paths through the cemetery face north/south and east/west to admit the light of the Sun and moons.

The hole in the tree leads to an underground grotto, which lies beneath the southwest quadrant of the cemetery.

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