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The Ancestor's Door

The Ancestor's Door

The Ancestor's Door is in fact two doors. One is at the "north" entrance to Khel'rok. The other is at the "south" entrance. The doors depict Khel, the Mistress of Ice, Snow, and Death.

The two entrances are not strictly due "north" or "south" of one another, as a Dwarf's sense of direction is somewhat baffled by the open sky of the lowlands. They greatly prefer alpine mountaineering if they must walk in the heat the Skyforge.

The Cold Halls

The Dwarves who mined and settled Uzdun'kal built first at the place now called Khel'rok. When they had delved deeply enough to know the mettle of the mountain, they moved and began again nearer to the headwaters of the Cirda Fork of the Elenstroem River. They did not abandon Khel'rok, however. Instead, they reshaped it into a resting place for those whose fires no longer burnt. Ever after, Khel'rok has been the final home of the people of Uzdun'kal - lord and artisan alike.

In recent days, however, the Halls are unguarded and the Door is not kept. Khrenzlha'rok is very near to Khel'rok and the Door, so it has fallen under the shadow of the mists.

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