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In nearly straight a line from the Oreth-Arinyae to the straits of Algorath, six towers once watched over the realm of Elves. Today they lie in ruin, devastated in ages of darkness and unrest now all but forgotten. But, in times of old they stood proud and tall, slender columns of stone extending toward the stars. Each of them was unique in shape; each a masterpiece of masonry, rivalling the greatest works of the Dwarves in their dark halls far below ground.


Dun Vanasol

The westernmost tower was called Dun Vanasol, the Oceanborne, for it rose out of the Sea of Algorath, and within its walls was a haven for many ships. High above the waves, a single arc sprang forth from the tower, connecting it with the mainland. It is said that Tanath the Seafarer, who discovered and first ruled the fair island of Adonthell, stood upon Dun Vanasol to look south and west before he set sail to yet undiscovered shores. After the tower's fall, the ocean claimed its tribute. Seaweed covered reefs are all that reminds of Dun Vanasol, and its treasures are lost in the cold depths beneath the waves.

Dun Vanasol once guarded the ancient kingdom of Vanath.

Dun Endweith

The tower of Endweith, the Flowerlike, once ruled the Elmwood Forest, rising high above both forest floor and canopy. And like a flower it looked indeed, for from a featureless stem spread four platforms in the four directions of the wind, much like the petals of a Celandine blossom. Beneath Dun Endweith, a system of caves and caverns thread the ground like roots, and like the roots of the Celandine they proved perilous for man and beast, as if an old evil was spreading its poison within. Over the years, some of that foulness crept into the tower and turned it into a dark, eerie place. Any attempts to cleanse the caves utterly failed and so Dun Endweith was finally abandoned. Few dare travel near its ruins, although rumours of ancient artifacts hidden in its deep halls persist until the present day.

For a time, Endweith guarded Cirdan, before the House of Soryn became the masters of the Cirda river. Now, what remains of the Flowerlike is ruled first by the trees and second by the Lord Mayor of Aerengist.

Dun Telron

The twin-towers of Dun Telron were erected on either side of the Elenstroem, five day's voyage upstream of Elgilad. They were connected by an underground tunnel, separated from the stream only be a fragile dome of glass. The Ford of Telron people called it, for winding ramps connected the tunnel with each tower's gate, so that carriages could cross the river, with fish making their way overhead - one of the marvels of that age. During the Great War, the hordes of Ulwin Stormbringer took the eastern tower, but when they attempted an assault across the river, Lord-Commander Tarengil destroyed the dome, and he and many of the attackers drowned in the floods. After that, Elves held the towers for a while, but in the end Dun Telron was conquered and burnt to the ground.

There is a band of Forestkeepers associated with the area around Dun Telron. They refer to themselves as dunTelro or dunTelros. The dunTelro are those Keepers who operate East of the Elenstroem. The dunTelros, as a rule, concern themselves with affairs west of the river. The rivalry between the two groups is cordial, but quite real.

Lareth dunTelro is among the Keepers of the Ford.

Dun Velain

The fourth tower guarded the land around Aerengist, capitol of the land of Aereng. Dun Velain, the Watchful it was called, and many things it witnessed from its elevated seat, even after it's decline. For the fields of the Foroduin were the site of many a battle, both before and after Alenvar's tragic end.

Tall like a tree Dun Velain stood, overlooking hill and valley, and like a tree it was felled in ages lost to memory. Scholars speak of quarrels between the Elven people and Dwarves seeking ores and gems beneath the hills, but such tales should be treated with care. Even though there is little love between the small and the fair folk, they seldom warred with each other; and when there were mines beneath Aerengist, then even the Dwarves have forgotten about them.

A company of the Forestkeepers guards the ruins of Dun Velain. In truth, not even the Keepers know with precision where the Tower once stood, but their sense of the Unseen and of the Powers shows them that something great and powerful once grew in that place. Only from hard-won lore do they know its name. All the more, therefore, do they cherish it. They call themselves the Watchful or dunVelain. Andare Forrester is of this company.

Dun Lothond

Atop a cliff raising from the calm waters of the Galoran Sea stood Dun Lothond, Darkspire. At first the name referred to its appearance, for it was made of a black stone of volcanic origin, but later it received a new, bitter meaning. Zaphirel, mother of wyrms, devourer of many a brave hero came over the tower to take revenge on Gildor Halwen, who had slain her breed to win keen Ninieth's hand. The morning after their handfasting ceremony it was, when a shadow befell the rejoicing company, and in a shower of broken glass, the mighty beast entered the hall to bring fire and death upon heigh-born and commoners alike. Gildor and Ninieth in their chamber heard the uproar, and there the great warrior knew that his nemesis had come for him. That day, Dun Lothond became the dragon's lair, and many years she dwelled there, until she finally was defeated, which is yet another tale.

Dun Lothond, together with Dun Barethsol, guarded the lost kingdom of Galoril.

Dun Barethsol

Low hills at the foot of the Oreth-Arinyae bear Dun Barethsol, called Tower of the Rising Sun, for it lies furthest to the east. Even after the first of its brethren where consumed by the shadow, Dun Barethsol remained a place of freedom and peace. In many nights, song and laughter poured from its halls and over its splendid gardens on terraces high above ground.

All this ended during the Great War, when Pelagir, Lord of the tower led his kin to war against the superior forces of Men. He and his sons found death on the battlefield and so the fair halls of Dun Barethsol were deserted. Parts of the tower where inhabited for short periods afterwards, but none of this prevented the slow decay that befell. Today, only a short stump of the once great monument still stands, yet this is all that remains of the Elven towers of guard, besides legend and tale. To its residents in the old days, it was also called Eresol, the Rising Sun, but this name is now long forgotten.

The Tower has gained other names since the death of Lord Pelagir and the Haunting of Kidalethil. For a while, it was called Dun Barethend, until it was lost altogether. Not even the Forestkeepers, who often call themselves by the names of the Lost Towers, remember Barethsol clearly. It has been called the Dun Barethsol, Dun Eresol, and even simply Dun Endwae.

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