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Also referred to as the Bandit Camp or the Ender's Camp.

Most of Alek Endhelm’s thugs camp out at the edge of the Swamp. The camp lies a bit off from the main entrance to the swamp and consists of a small, moderately defensible wooden stockade. The building in the centre of the camp is constructed of stone and is meant to be used as a prison or keep. There are also storage tunnels running under the camp, connecting each of the blockhouses to a central cellar under the 'keep'. There is also an escape tunnel that runs under on of the blockhouses, and out to an abandoned well 50 or so metres beyond the walls of the stockade.

The camp is home to Endhelm's Enders, of course, plus the collection of brigands, mercenaries, and unsavory souls they've brought with them out of the north. Part of this group sleeps in the courtyard. The rest of the group is split up among the four blockhouses.

When Marcella approaches the camp later in the game, or is emprisoned there, the prison is being used to house the wounded Enders, unless of course she's already killed some of them.

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