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In a little valley east of the Elenstroem lies the hunting castle of Albrecht of Wyvernesse. It’s surrounded by a nice garden, and although it is quite small, it speaks of it’s owners wealth. The compound is surrounded by a wall. A larger gate in the front leads to the main entrance, while a small door at the back leads directly to the kitchen tract.

The castle itself wasn’t build to withstand any attack, but rather to give a pleasant sight. Therefore, its architects did not specifically prevent intruders from reaching the mountains rising behind the castle. From there, a daring adventurer might climb down into the walled castle area. The way up, however, is blocked by the overhanging mountain face. The only path allowing to reach the ledge above the castle originates near Ella's house.

There are a few guards and servants around, and a mysterious guest of Albrecht, who turns out to be Alek Endhelm.

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