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Regarding the Strange Creatures called Golems

 Being a part of
 The History of the Wyvernesse
 Cirades Rymon

Golems are creatures summoned by the singing or incantation of powerful Magicks. Only a dedicated singer or incanter from amother the Omae or the Syulvanas can conjure such a creature. They are most often conjured out of earth, stone, wood, or metal. Legends tell of Omae mages who charged their household duties to various earthen and metallick golomae. How the Syulvanas came to conjure such beings I cannot say, save that it seems they must learn a great many songs of all kinds and strengths, including songs of the trees, the beasts, and the birds, in preparation for the creation of such servants.

The most benign of these servants, it is said, are the wooden golems, whose work is to tend the trees, seeking out weak and diseased plants for tending. The most dangerous are those summoned out of metal or ironwood. It is said that they take on some of the life of their creators and will live on though their makers die, so long as the weapon of their making persists.

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