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Erinsford is the largest Human settlement between the Mountains and the Elenstroem.

Wyvernesse is both the name of Albrecht's family and his manor house. Many generations ago, a village called Wvyernesse existed around the manor. It has since faded back into the forest, but the name persists. The family of Wyvernesse progressed from being the lords of the wilderness to being the ruling family of Erinsford. The family has a reputation for justice, fair dealing, and defending the population. Their vassal fiefdom is known in lore and legend as the Champion's Duchy. In the generations since the Wyvernesse family took control of Erinsford, it has prospered, becoming a sort of secondary center of trade. It has none of the grandeur of Elvish Cirdanth, but for a Human city, it is a pretty, cultured place. Perhaps that was why certain, more gregarious members of the Red and Green Sisterhoods decided to settle in Erinsford. It was civilized, but not too civilized. Unfortunately, Erinsford bears out the law of entropy, as does all else.

Erinsford has only begun to fail recently. No more than twenty years ago, it was wonderful place to live and trade. Violent crime was all but unheard of and most of the merchants were fair in their dealings. The races of Men and Half-Elves lived together in relative peace. The settlement was too far from Cirdanth to find many Elves and too far from the eastern mountains for Dwarvish comfort. The absence of the Fairest and the Shortest contributed to the peace, for without the Crafters and the Elvish folk around to pull at the Human and Half-Elvish folk, they were free to deal with one another without distraction.

Things continued that way for generations. The population of 'learned folk', as alchemists, shamans, and Sisters were sometimes called, grew. They were always few in number, but even that small percentage of the population gained the notice of the Magehunters. The conflict between the Magehunters and the 'kindly learned' remained quiet and unspoken. Each group sought to thwart the other, though the 'kindly learned' were more successful. They responded to violence by healing as many as would be healed. The 'learned serpents' took another approach to the problem, fighting back with invisible violence. That was when the trouble began, during the first years of Albrecht's lordship. The Magehunters, frightened and incensed by the deaths of their own people, spread that fear throughout the town. Albrecht, the intelligent, benevolent son of an equally intelligent, benevolent father, did not know how to respond to the troubles. As a result, he did not react strongly until the tension had broken forth into open violence. Albrecht, honoring the traditions of his forebears, fought to defend the Magickers

Guilt-ridden, Albrecht took personal responsibility for the riots within his walls and began to seek out the power to stop something like that from happening. The wisest among the citizens of Erinsford say that the Magick Riots changed everything, including Albrecht.

Many of the characters the player will encounter are from Erinsford (or its surrounding communities) including Ella, Albrecht, Cirades, and the guards. Cirades has been compiling a history of Erinsford.

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