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Albrecht's Laboratory is located in the remains of Dun Barethsol, the ancient elvish tower north of the Misty Swamp. Most of the large compound lies in ruin, but the first few floors of a small side tower are still upright. There are partial floors above the laboratory, but they can only be reached by flying creatures. At the time of the game's events, the Wyrmstone is the centerpiece of Albrecht's workspace. It is surrounded by tables, reading stands, shelves full of books, including the Book of Lore stolen in Cirdanth and the book stolen from the dragonhunter, and cabinets full of reagents. Dried herbs hang from the rafters after the fashion alchemists and herbalists everywhere.

Apart from Albrecht, only one or two of his most trusted kinsmen stay at Dun Barethsol.

He has also imprisoned the Dragon there, which is not quite under his control yet.

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