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Arynsval began as a stand of four hermitage retreats for students living at the Abbey of Shining Mist. The Order of the Keepers, like many 'mixed companies' is dedicated to the Lady of the Green and the Un-Named Lord. They practice ritual purification by secluding themselves for short periods throughout their stays in the Abbey and others like it.

Originally, the Order used the Arysnval hermitages exclusively. Later, however, they created seclusion spaces hidden within the halls of the Monastery. The hermitages were let out to travelers. The four huts slowly developed into a buffer community between Erinsford and the Abbey. Now, Arynsval belongs to the wilders, though the Abbey keeps one secluded hut as a refuge for the Maladrim in their wildness.

Yetin Hut

Tham the Learned takes refuge in the Hut after he is wounded in the attack on the Monastery. Lursan Waterpaw and Samis Desorin smuggled him out of the Monastery before Endhelm's hirelings took control of it. Waterpaw and Desorin are both trapped inside with the other monks. The Hut is hard to reach, but a few characters know its location. Frostbloom, Andare, and Ella both know a little something about it.

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