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Dun Thalendu means Tower of Mists.

Thalen was an ancient priest of Ultimlas. He built his Tower of Mists, Dun Endu, as a sort of Temple-Observatory. In the years after his death, it was named Dun Thalendu in his honor and was maintained as a temple to Ultimlas of the Birds and Mists. In time, it fell into disrepair and fell over.

What is now the Abbey of Shining Mist is built atop the broad mound where the tower's remains lie.

The buried tower has several key features: two levels of cellars below the tower's original foundations, what remains of the tower's original spire, and its original vaulted roof. The remains of the tower and the root are now buried beneath the foundations of the Abbey. The two cellars and the tower's main structure can now be reached through the cellar of the Abbey. The roof, now a hidden grotto beneath the Abbey's north wall, is one of the monk's best kept secrets.

Legend has it that there were other structures to the original tower, but they have been lost to time. They may be found beneath the other buildings of the Abbey or reached through tunnels within the cellars and what remains of the old tower.

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