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The Abbey of Shining Mist is built in the foothills of the Oreth-Arinyae, called the Mountains of Morning by Men, and Uzdun'kal by the Dwarves. It was built centuries ago on the foundations and buried ruins of ancient Thalen's Temple-Observatory celebrating Endwe, the Keeper of the Mists. The tower, when it first toppled, fell toward the Galorean Sea, so the Abbey was built along the same orientation.

The Abbey is a cluster of stone buildings built around a central hall and surrounded by a wooden stockade that is all but overgrown by the surrounding forest. Trees and clusters of holly are allowed to grow freely within and outside the walls, so that it is very hard to know where all the gates are. Some of the cellars that date to the time of Thalen are accessible, while others are nearly hidden in the old stonework. Of the accessible cellars, the main basements of the old tower, located directly under the central hall, are the most important. The old Tower's vaulted ceiling is a well-kept secret of the Abbey. Its key stone is a ring of stone that is now a window, opening on a view of the foothills north and east of the main complex.

Abbot Tham the Learned, Lesteph Brighteyes, Lursan Waterpaw and a dozen other monks live within the Abbey at all times. Other Yetins, like Rhayne Frostbloom and Samis Desorin make their livelihoods beyond the walls but return to the Abbey every once in a while.

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