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Draft Khuzdunat Lexicon

Characters (English phonetic transliteration, partial list): szh lh zh zd r k e a u

The zd character is in a sense the central character in Khuzdunat runic scripts and languages (the clans speak a variety of languages. The language codified here is a common subset of their languages.

lh - not, un, negative prefix

-lha- - dirty, poor, of low quality

lhuzdu - not crafted, usually refers to wood.

szhum - sea

-szh- - root for liquid

uzdun - craft, work, uzdu, to craft, to work, to shape

zhet - thain, ruler

kal - gem. If used as a prefix or suffix, denotes a thing of value

rok - hall

szhalrok - meadhall, a population center, city

szhal - mead, beer, ale

Khuzdunat - the crafters, Dwarvish folk

Zhet'kalek - Founder of Gemthain clan

uzthut - something crafted, worked, or shaped

szhom - river

thukhuzdun - mountain

- thukhuz - women, mothers, females (derived from thukhuzdun)

thu - "source of"

thuk - stone

thukszhkal - precious metals

thukszh - metal (stone which melts)

kallhathuk - dirty stone, raw metal ore

thek - earth, soil

thekhuzdunat - Earthcrafters, Hilldwarves, Runebadgers. Refers to all Hilldwarves

athuzthunat - Those who have shaped themselves. Refers to the Runemarked among Runebadgers

uzdukszh - tool (shaped metal)

uzdlhuzdu - a wooden tool; idiomatically, something made poorly due to design flaws. If a weapon is referred to as uzlhuzdu, the speaker means that its design is inherently flawed. Purely ceremonial weapons, for example, are "wooden tools". The same description used of jewelry implies that it is useless or gaudy. When used of non-dwarvish dwellings, it simply means "a place where Khuzdunat do not live".

lhaszhalrok - a place where Khuzdunat are not welcome. In this case, lha modifies szhal, implying that the mead is tainted.

- szhallharok - a place where the Khuzdunat will not go. Implies that the hall itself is tainted. Connotes treachery, evil, or willful stupidity in the place or its inhabitants

- lhauzd - something of shoddy workmanship, idiomatically use, implies a thing with is of proper design but improper manufacture.

thekhuzdrok - an Earthcrafter burrow.

thekhuzdszhalrok - an Earthcrafter city

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