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There are several more or less independent types of graphics for games using the Adonthell engine:

  • User Interface gfx (window borders, buttons, fonts etc ...)
  • In-game gfx (map-gfx, character-gfx, items etc ...)
  • Cut-scene gfx (those fancy animation sequences)

Thus the layout has been designed so that you can quickly find all the information relevant to making the gfx you are interested in. Essentially, just read the (sub-)chapters that cover the aspect you are interested in and ignore everything else. The only exception is that all artists must be familiar with the basic conventions and if you encounter chapters called "General info on somethingorother" you should read them too before moving on.

Occasionally you will find sections marked ’Adonthell specific’. These cover rules and conventions that only need to be followed if creating an Adonthell game. If you are working on a game that just uses the Adonthell engine you can ignore these. Furthermore you will encounter boxes marked ’Tip’. These contain tips and tricks that our artists have discovered while making gfx for Adonthell. You don’t *need* to read them if you are in a hurry but they are well worth a look.

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