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Quickstart Guide

A step-by-step document on how to build the whole thing would help new users to get started, help new programmers understand the dependencies, and help experienced developers see places the process could be improved.


The most of this tutorial is just text, commands are initiated by a dollar sign ($)
If you copy and paste the commands, let the $ out.

Preparation of the development environment

Make sure you installed needed software! You need:

Debian users will use aptitude or apt-get. SuSE users have YaST.

Prepare a new working directory. Lets assume /home/enrico/vanilla_adonthell to be the working dir in this tutorial. If your username is not enrico, adapt it to your needs.

Obtaining the code

Change to your working directory and execute (more info here):

$ git clone git://

Congratulation, now you got the source code in a subdirectory called adonthell. The tricky part begins.


assuming you are in /home/enrico/vanilla_adonthell

$ mkdir adonthell-build && cd adonthell-build
$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local ../adonthell
$ make
Please note: If you intend to compile the Adonthell Tools, you shouldn't use the cmake build, or you might run into compatibility issues. Use the GNU autotools based build instead, which is described in the detailted compilation instructions.


make sure you are in /home/enrico/vanilla_adonthell/adonthell-build

$ sudo make install

or as superuser

$# make install


make sure you are in /home/enrico/vanilla_adonthell/adonthell-build

$ test/worldtest -g ../adonthell/test/ data

the previous command should present a small demo


Workarounds for known problems during the build and when running Adonthell are listed here.


To create the source code documentation, you will need doxygen and dot, which is part of the graphviz package.

Change directory to ../adonthell/doc/ and execute

$ doxygen reference.cfg

API-doc is now in /home/enrico/vanilla_adonthell/adonthell/doc/adonthell-api/index.html

A slightly outdated version is available online. It is usually updated after larger changes to the code have taken place.