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Adonthell is a game engine project, in which the engine is written in C++ and the game content generated and handled through Python scripts, thus effectively separating game from engine, giving it flexibility for reuse. Refer to the Engine Architecture documentation for more details.

It is being developed with support for BSD, GNU/Linux, MacOS X and Windows in mind. This does not mean that you can not use it in another platform, only that you'll need to compile it by yourself.

We can best support you if you compile the project having the GNU Autotools or CMake build systems. We'd rather you use CMake to give you the best assistance. Besides one of these, you will also need the GCC 3.x/4.x (That is, GNU Compiler Collection); So, if you can run the build system and the GCC, you can have Adonthell in your platform.

If you would like to use the most recent version of the codebase, which is likely to have more features and less stability than the released version, you can get it through GIT.