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If you plan to contribute to Adonthell, you'll have to familiarize yourself with the code base and coding conventions. There are a number of resources to aid with that, all listed below.


If you find any of these docs lacking, please consider leaving a comment on the respective talk page or -- even better -- just add the missing pieces yourself.


With Adonthell's code come a number of test scripts and programs that allow you to have a closer look at the inner workings of the engine. How it is supposed to be used, what it is capable of doing and how it all fits together. All of these can be found in the test [1] folder. A short description of each one can be found in the accompanying README file [2].


There comes the point where ever so much documentation and examples won't answer all the questions you might have. That's the time to contact the people already familiar with Adonthell.

On most days, you'll run into some of us at, channel #adonthell. In case there is nobody around for some time, you could write to the adonthell-devel mailing list. There will usually be a reply within the next couple hours, depending a bit on your time zone and time of day, of course.