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Waste's Edge

Portrait Bjarn.png
A middle aged Dwarf and very traditional even for dwarvish standards. His position as trader he owes to his father who thought this would be a better life for his son, than working in the mines, and how could a upright dwarf disobey an elders direction. But instead of making Bjarn more open for different ways of life, he became rather more traditional, as if to protect himself from bad influences of the world outside the mines. He absolutely disapproves the use, Elves put to the gems and ores they buy of him and other Dwarves, and finally the idea grew in him that he ought to do something against it. As a regular visitor of the trading hub, he carved out a niche behind a shelf in 'his' room and installed a mechanism that allowed him to slide the shelf without leaving any suspicious marks on the rooms floor. Into that niche, he then hid his gems, apart from those he put into Lady Silverhairs bedroom. When talked to by the player, he appears to be deeply hurt from this assault and he shows little comprehension for the player's investigation. Both the theft, and the player's questions, are a personal insult to him. All in all, he's quite difficult to deal with, although in a weak moment, he might complain a bit about his hard life and unloved occupation. Not enough to act as a hint, but it can foreshadow his motive that will be fully revealed when all is solved.

Dun Barethsol

Bjarn is now in disgrace. The rest of the community in and around Uzdunk'kal is now very protective of the community's standing in the outside world. They have called for adventurers to recover the lost gems discreetly so they can be returned to the Elves. Bjarn and Erek may be mentioned by the dwarves, but the player will not be able to speak to them.

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