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Fire and Rebirth (Dwarvish)

Enemies: Chemosh (former servant, now loyal to Venag Danir)

Consort: Khel, Lady of Ice

Cirda, Galor, Ylansa

Marine Life, Water:

  • Cirda - Rivers
  • Ylansa - Lakes and tributaries
  • Galor - Oceans, Gulfs, Bays, inland seas

Enemies: Hepret the Serpent(former servant), sometimes called Hephret or Hepreth

There are three relatively common views of Galor, Cirda, and Ylansa: the familial interpretation, the fraternal interpretation, and the triune interpretation. In the familial intrepretation, Galor and Cirda are viewed as having male and female gender, respectively, and as existing in a marital partnership (similar to the perceived relationships of Syul and the Axe-Bearer and of Ultimlas and Majestis). In the fraternal interpretation, the three are all of a single Gender and are distinguished from one another by characteristics of age. Galor is universally held to be the eldest, while Cirda and Ylansa occasionally alternate in the roles of youngest. In the triune interpretation, the three are held to be distinct beings who are nonetheless part of a unit.


Wind, Mists, and Rain

Consort: Elmoast

Enemies: Lokaios of the Swarms (former servant)


Earth, Mountains, War

Consort: The Axe-bearer (brother); Khel, Foros (common interest in Dwarvish affairs)


Ice and Death (Among the Dwarves)

Consort: Foros


Lightning and Storm

Consort: Endwe

Known Servants: Ionas-tan

Enemies: Baal (former servant)


"The Green Lady"

Plants and trees, Half-Elves

Consort: The Axe-bearer

The Axe-bearer

"Utanlianth (Utanli's brother)", "the Nameless Power"

Craft, Workmanship, Song, Dwarves

Consort: Syul


"The Lady of the Birds"

Birds and flying things


"The Lord of Beasts"

Non-sentient land animals


Stars, Magick, Foresight, Elves


The All-Father, Giver of Speech