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The Wyvern Guard is the police force for Erinsford and its outlying settlements, including Waste's Edge, the Wyvern Guard does not officially exist more than twenty miles from the walls of Erinsford. The Duke of Wyvernesse draws his household retainers from the ranks of the Wyvern Guard.

Much like Human guard forces everywhere, most of the members of the Wyvern Guard are also Men of the Mace. Their code requires them to use only blunt weapons for peaceable duties like riot control and arresting criminals. Some extend this code to require the use of maces, hammers, staves, and flails even in pitched combat with organized, identifiable foes.

In Waste's Edge and Dun Barethsol, the Wyvern Guard's unofficial membership consists of Jelom, Talan, and the ever elusive Bregon. They cannot legally call themselves servants of Albrecht or members of the guard, but all three still consider themselves Wyvern Guardsmen. Cirdan law is not strictly enforced so close to the mountains.

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