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The Society of the Blade is the formal name of a guild of evil thieves and assassins. They are more commonly referred to as the Men of the Knife. Their membership is almost exclusively Human and pursues on a on-going feud with the Men of the Mace. The Men of the Knife, unlike the Men of the Mace, do not limit their Membership on the basis of race or gender.

The Society of the Blade should not be confused with the Guild of Rogues. The Rogues, more properly known as The Freedmen, will tolerate the Men of the Knife among them, but do not usually aid or condone their activities. The Freedmen are more often wandering bards or peddlers. Some are thieves, but they tend to be lawless but morally good or at least neutral.


Elgar Basil, Nebrin, and Reylyr are all good examples of what kind of person comes to prominence in the Society of the Blade. Soko is also a member of this society.

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