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The Hunters of Magick, more commonly called Magehunters, is a strictly Human faction created centuries ago during the wars that made Alenvar a legend. The Magehunters were commissioned by Human kings to hunt down and destroy Elvish mages of particular skill and power. They were forbidden to use any mystical means - including Alchemy, Runecraft, and Songs - to accomplish this goal, so they were chosen for their great physical power and prowess and mechanical ingenuity.

The Magehunters' first few sorties met with relative success, until the Elves understood the nature of the new raiding tactics. The next time a raid was mounted, the Magehunters were intercepted and persuaded to reveal the identity of their lord. The King who commissioned this particular raid was consequently destroyed, along with most of his little city-state. The remains of his city lie at the bottom of the Great Northern Bay, fifty miles from the sunken remains of Ner-Uz.

Since the destruction of the Baylans, the Magehunters have existed as society of volunteers without overt support from any throne. They now hunt Humans who practice the arts of Alchemy, Songs, Runecraft, or Magick. They hold to their oaths to use no mystical means in their crusade to rid Humanity of all who defile themselves and their kind by dabbling in mysticism.

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