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Alek, the leader of the Enders, is working in uneasy cooperation with Albrecht of Wyvernesse and with Elgar Basil and the members of the Society of the Blade. Orl and Thorn, in particular, are members of both groups.

The Enders migrated south from the Human-controlled northern regions. They were operating as mercenaries in the Foroduin river valley, but they were double-crossed by the king of a large city and fled into Aereng, where they were driven south by the Forestkeepers.

There are five core members of the band: Alek, Tewr, Dern, Krelm, and Rrelmer. Up until recently, there had always been six, but the last two Uzian axeman to travel with Alek are both dead. These two men, Ragmark Blackthorn and Mored Uz-axe, are both important to Alek's attitude toward Albrecht, though none of the other Enders will talk about Mored or Ragmark.

There are other 'Enders' to be encountered along the way. Most of these are not truly Enders, but are mercenaries that Alek has picked up on his journey south from Uz of the Bay and Norsheim-on-Forod. Each brigand carries a marker that identifies himself as a member of Alek's band and allows him to be 'arrested' and then quickly released again by the corrupted members of the Wyvern Guard. Each of these nameless brigands (of whom there be as many as twenty or twenty-five, depending on game purposes and the length of each path through the game) will drop a coin when they die. If at any point, Marcella receives a quest that requires her to kill some or all of the enders, the number of coins she has collected will help to determine quest completion. Marcella may recognize some of these coins as coppers from Cirdanth or Erinsford that have been re-minted recently - suggesting that Albrecht is somehow mixed up with the brigands.

The Uzians

Ragmark Blackthorn was one of the few people who have shared a bond of true loyalty with Alek Endhelm.


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