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Portrait Sulin.png
Sulin Turvale is in Waste's Edge to be close to the Dwarves of Uzdun'kal. He is a blacksmith first and a merchant second, having chosen smithing because he enjoys it and trading because he must support his family. He is rather productive, both because area farms value his wares and because he enjoys smithing. As a result, he sometimes makes more than he can sell or us, which is a good thing, because he can sell the extra to other Human, Half-Elves and Elves. The Dwarves think of him as a skilled, but Human, blacksmith. They find his creations interesting, but won't spend gold on them except from necessity. They prefer instead to encourage his industry by supplying him with medium grade metals. Human and Half-Elven rangers like him because he's the closest thing Waste's Edge has to a fletcher and because he makes good quality iron arrowheads. Turvale's talent is for mechanics and contraptions. He excels at it, as his invention of a lead-spitting mechanical dragon demonstrates.

Turvale's wife Mina is native to Waste's Edge. She is the daughter of Waste's Edge's resident dairy and pig farmer. Sulin is most closely related to his fellow merchants Cirades Rymon and Risartus Solmanus. He has significant relationships with Tinuv Cerfus, Samis Desorin, and Andare the Ranger, but these are secondary to the 'three-table stall,' as Jelom names the cooperation between these three merchants.

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