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Risartus Solmanus is somewhat more elitist in his ways, but he is also respectful of the Elves and their magick. He is the town doctor. Healing is his forte. He heals for a nominal fee and sells healing potions, but he also dabbles in charms of protection. His health potions and tonics have a reputation for being very effective and well worth the coin. Because he is a doctor, he does not deal in destructiveness of any sort. He is a great proponent of neatness, quiet, and order. Solmanus is a widower. He has come to the deep forest to be close to nature, having learned that the Elves draw their power from the Elements.

He is fast friends with Rymon and Turvale, as well as with Lady Frostbloom and Tham the Learned. He knows of Ella of the Green, but says very little about her. He is related to Tinuv Cerfus.

He is constantly experimenting with new potions and methods, but of course, he is guarded about his pursuits. One of his interesting new inventions is the fogbottle - a way of trying liquids that will turn to gases in the bottle under certain circumstances.

Risartus is not officially a Gardener, though he might be considered one. He has no faction memberships, but a player wanting to become a Gardener could consult with him on what kind of person Gardeners welcome into their numbers.


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