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Cirades Rymon and Risartus Solmanus are in Waste's Edge to be close to the Half-Elves and Elves respectively. Both were raised in Cirdanth. Rymon makes his living selling used books, writing books, and dispensing lore. Sometimes he forgets to charge money for his services, especially if the customer has news Rymon hasn't heard or a legend he hasn't written down. He mostly writes about the Half-Elves and their songs, but he's discreet and respectful about it. He finds their songs beautiful even when they don't do anything. He's the de facto village historian and knows lots of stories from lots of places. He's a favorite with children, students, and passing Forestkeepers. His house and shop blend together in a chaotic mixture of books, papers, maps, furniture, and cooking utensils. Cirades cannot cook for himself but continues to try. He takes many of his meals at the Redwyne Inn or the Turvale family. He is unmarried.

Rymon is also the person in the village who is an open buyer or seller of magickal items like rings and talismans. Risartus Solmanus, Reylyr, and the Alchemist behind the Falls also trade in magickal items, when they can, but they do so more discreetly. He might also have magic staves for sale, but such happens only rarely. Indeed, only rarely can he find the things he might have for sale. He is very glad to lay out gold, songbooks, spellbooks, or cookbooks if one actually has an appropriate magickal item to sell to him. He buys such things at good prices, but is less interested in magickal armor or weapons. One cannot transcribe such things, or tell them as stories, so Rymon has little interest in them.

Rymon is currently working on a History of the Wyvernesse, though it remains to be seen whether this document will ever be read by any outside the Circle. Rymon thinks of his involvements with the Turvales, Risartus, Lady Frostbloom, Samis Desorin, Andare, Ella and the Orloths as a kind of Human collegium nascens (the Common term for an emerging Elvish school of thought).

 The History of the Wyvernesse
   * Regarding the Dukes of Wyvernesse
   * Regarding Rangers, writ by Solon the Wise
   * Regarding the Sisters of the Green
   * Regarding the Coven of Summer
   * A Charge upon Daughters of the Green Lady
   * A Prophecy Spoken Upon The Coven of Summer
   * Regarding Golems
   * Fountain Falling
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