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Portrait Agdan.png
Agdan, the "Ghost", the "Nightshade", or "Celandi" is a Blackwidow Sister who was poisoned by her Sisters and betrayed to the Hunters of Magick. She died in Soko's cellar, unaided by Terith Kan, her blood sister and one of her betrayers. Terith then buried Verith in the earth above the Paladin's Grotto. The Elvish bladespectre's effects lie in state below the cemetery. Only Agdan knows of the Grotto's existence. She can be passed safely only at dawn and dusk, or once her spirit has been put to rest.

The hidden cellar in which she died now contains a chest full of her belongings, including her recipes and her diary. Celandi custom demands that these things be buried with the fallen sister, but she sealed the chest before her death so her sisters could not lay her to rest properly. She was buried with the key to the chest. As a ghost, she hid that key elsewhere in the cemetery. Agdan meant to haunt Soko and drive him to his grave, but her burial atop the bladespectre's sacred grotto has made even marginally peaceful sleep impossible for her.


The Nightshade